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Not unlike our customers, we at verumachina have had a love affair with fine vehicles all our lives. 
We realised when collecting them ourselves, that the Provenance was often missing, patchy or intentionally misleading.

The need for verumachina was highlighted when we tried to come to grips with a wad of dog-eared A4 sheets.
As often happens, these had been presented, in no particular order, as the information upon which to base a $160,000 buying decision.
After hours of shuffling paper, we found that lots of important info was missing, needless to say, we'd wasted our time & the vehicle remained unsold. 

With some proper research to supplement the information, logically sorted, correctly compiled & verified, the outcome may well have been different. Properly Presented Provenance really does make a huge difference to the value of a vehicle - and how that value is represented.
With certain vehicles we've seen a value increase of up to 30%, purely because of Properly Presented Provenance.

So, we conducted our own research & documentation of our own fleet (15 vehicles, including Porsche, Maserati, Audi & Mercedes-AMG).
This highlighted the satisfaction experienced when doing the research, plus it boosted the value of our fleet. With classic vehicles having appreciated at unprecedented rates, it's crucial that you lock-in that appreciation - the market won't remain bouyant forever.
When values do settle, Properly Presented Provenance will help you maintain and realise those values. 
Your vehicles really do deserve to be presented in a manner reflecting the substantial financial outlay they represent.

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verumachina  We can research, document & Properly Present your special car's Provenance.
verumachina  It's a bit like ancestry.com for cars.